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Insulator Material

Insulator Material

The range of our Insulator Material is reckoned worldwide for excellent performance, extended durability and unbeatable prices. It is due to the hard-core engineering utilizing premium material by our vendors. For customer flexibility, we offer them in different specifications. Owing to our well-kept inventory, we cater to bulk requirements in time. We are acknowledged in list of prime Suppliers of Insulator Material from Saudi Arabia.


The product range covers:

  • Self Adhesive LT/HT Tapes, including range of Flame retardant tapes.

  • Insulation Laminates.

  • B-Stage Insulation Products

  • Self-Amalgamating tapes

  • Liquid insulations

  • Thermal Insulation Products

  • Speciality Tapes

  • Labels and Tags


Self Adhesive Insulation Tapes :

  • PRS Permacel is a leading provider of pressure sensitive adhesive, as well as non-adhesive based electrical insulation tapes from Class A to Class 200 temperature class, both, LT as well as HT. The range also includes flame retardant tapes providing a safe & reliable electrical insulation
  • PRS Permacel has the capability to handle a wide variety of substrates like, Films, Cotton cloth, Rayon, Paper, Fleece, Non-woven, Mica, Glass fabric etc. These substrates can be coated with rubber, synthetic, acrylic or silicone adhesive to make different combinations keeping in mind the end insulation requirements.
  • Our products find varied applications with the manufacturers & rewinders of electrical motors, generators, transformers & switchgears. Many of the large users of these equipments, specially,  mines, refineries, steel plants, cement plants, power utilities etc. also find our range of electrical insulation products highly useful in running their day to day plant maintenance requirements.


Laminates :

  • PRS Permacel has the capability of laminating a wide variety of different insulating materials and developing new laminates which provide superior electrical, mechanical and thermal properties.
  • Our current range of laminates includes NMN, NKN, NPN in various thicknesses. We have the capabilities to develop any new laminate based on customer specific requirements.


B-Stage Insulation :

  • B-Stage is a unique, PRS Permacel innovation.  Varnishes are typically available in uncured (A Stage). This means extra care in handling (Toxic / Hazardous Solvents) and longer cycle time for full curing of varnish.
  • PRS Permacel has used its R&D capability to solve this problem and develop what can be termed as "Varnish in Tape Form". These products are typically "B-Stage" and available for various class of insulation in both resin rich and resin poor formats.


Self Fusing/ Amalgamating Tapes :

Self amalgamating tapes with high flexibility/elongation and high di-electric strength offer unique advantages for many electrical applications like, bus bar joints, cable splicing, outdoor water proof electrical joints, etc. Self-fusing tapes on application (which do not require heating) form a solid mass. These self fusing tapes are available for various applications up to class 200oC  insulation & can also be offered in flame retardant version.


Liquid Insulations :

In liquid insulations, we offer special insulation coatings for 5 & 11 KV. We also offer filling putty used for gap filling in field coils as well as range on varnishes & resins upto class200oC.


Thermal Insulation Products :

  • PRS Permacel has a wide range of thermal insulating products which can withstand temperature from sub zero to 1200oC and are available in various forms, shapes & sizes. The products in this range include self adhesive tapes withstanding high temperatures & filled insulation products, duly sealed for providing long term effective insulation against different modes of heat transfers. Additionally, these products are based on new generation materials, without use of any asbestos and many of them meet the latest global norms on toxicity & environmental aspects.
  • PRS Permacel thermal insulation materials have been validated for several industrial applications & have delivered desired savings in energy conservation in hot as well as cold systems. The range of heat shields find applications in protecting heat sensitive equipment & processes helping avoid unwanted shut downs & improving process. Many of the applications are in the areas where conventional insulation is not feasible & hence offer maximum benefits in terms of reducing energy costs. Some of the leading applications are in the areas of exhaust pipe insulation of diesel engines, difficult to insulate small diameter steam pipes, plastic & rubber mould insulation, turbine insulation, HVAC applications, chilled water pipe insulation etc.
  • PRS Permacel has the capability of continuously evolving and developing need based solutions for range of thermal insulation requirements in any industry.


Speciality Tapes :

PRS Permacel provides variety of speciality tapes, single or double side adhesive coated out of different backing material like foam, polyester, paper, cloth, etc for different and specialised applications, such as paper splicing, paint masking, water ingress protection, stereo mounting in printing industry, cut-back application in coated pipe industry. The range also includes flame retardant tapes for aviation industry for carpet laying, cargo pit sealing etc.


Labels and Tags :

  • PRS Permacel provides various labels like- Brand labels, Data plate labels, Q.A. labels, Safety labels, Calibration labels, Dispatch labels, Bar-coding labels, P.O.P labels, Glow in dark labels, Cable markers, Light reflecting labels, Decorative graphics/ lacquerable Graphics, Instructions/Caution labels etc.
  • All the above products find wide range of applications in automotive, consumer goods, steel, railways, airlines, home appliances, & many other related industries.
  • We have developed special stick-on labels ( On-mold) based on a polymeric film specially suited for rotational moulded components like, water tanks, waste paper bins, road  barriers etc.
  • The range also includes thermally printable labels & tags used in many industries, sply, steel, for out door applications capable of withstanding water, sun light & mechanical abuse. 
  • PRS Permacel has the capabilities to offer new material/ combination of materials, based on customer specific requirements. Please feel free to contact us for any related business requirements.