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Red Silicone Sheets

Red Silicone Sheets

We have a strong foothold as Supplier of Red Silicone Sheets from Saudi Arabia. We have tie-ups with the known brands manufacturing them and bring to you a lot that is impeccable on grounds of quality, performance and reliability. The Red Silicone Sheets that we deal in find their usage in food, pharmaceutical and other clean industry applications. The Sheets are obtainable at nominal prices.


Details :

Silicone offers many advantages over other forms of elastomers. It is well known for its use in food, pharmaceutical and other clean industry applications. It is a resilient material capable of maintaining many of its properties at extremely low and high temperatures. Some grades of silicone rubber can remain flexible, and show low levels of compression set, down to temperatures as low as -100OC and as high as 315 OC. It is naturally electrically insulating but can be compounded to offer high resistance for the bleeding of static charges or to offer a low resistance to conduct signal voltages. High tear resistance, good elongation at break and tensile strength are some of the other characteristics of silicone.


Silicone will keep constant even at high temperatures, but should not be used with high pressure steam. Silicone has excellent resistance to heat (dry air), at +200OC intermittent and will remain flexible at low temperatures of -70OC and is also resistant to ultra-violet light, Ozone, sea water and weathering. Silicone also exhibits low in flammability and low smoke toxicity.


Polymax silicone solid sheets are available in 1.2 metres width and can be bought as individual 1 metre lengths or multiples of 1m and are available in 10m or 5m rolls depending on the thickness. Colours include; translucent (opaque), white, red oxide as standard and blue, grey and black are readily available. The thickness range are between 0.3mm and 12mm, although other thicknesses can be supplied on request. The standard hardness is 60° shore and we can offer hardness from 30Oto 80O in some instances. Please ring an advisor to check if unsure.


Polymax also offer in Solid sheeting:

  • Cutting and fabrication service. Gaskets, seals and strip.

  • Moulded sheet for smaller applications. Colour and hardness variations in small quantity catered for in moulded sheet from 12"x12", shore hardness range 30° to 80°

  • Adhesive backing: Cut sheet and gaskets can be supplied with a pressure sensitive adhesive.

  • Colour matching service. If you wish to colour match to silicone sheeting, we offer a service to nearest RAL/ PANTONE colour chart or to sample swatches. Please ask for more information if required.


Other products available in silicone are :

  • Sheeting: Solid and Sponge in General Purpose, Flame Retardant, High Temperature, Low Combustion (LCH), Ministry of Defence (DTD), Metal Detectable (Solid and Sponge), Soft Silicone, Tough Silicone, Fluorosilicone, Thermo-Chromic, High Tear (HT), Anti-Microbial available in both Sponge and Solid

  • Extrusion: Solid and Sponge (also available in Fluorosilicone)

  • Tubing: Solid ONLY

  • Gaskets: Solid and Sponge

  • Mouldings: Solid and Sponge (RTF Mouldings)

  • Compounds: Solid ONLY

  • Cables: Solid ONLY

  • Fabric Reinforced Sheeting: Solid ONLY


We will work to your engineering drawings or be happy to liaise on a joint solution. Please ask for a quotation on any or all of the services available if required.


Article No. Roll Length
(Shore A)
1001514 10 1200 0.5 60 FDA
1001515 10 1200 0.8 60 FDA
1001516 10 1200 1 60 FDA
1001517 10 1200 1.5 60 FDA
1001584 10 1200 2 60 FDA
1001586 10 1200 3 60 FDA
1001587 10 1200 4 60 FDA
1001521 10 1200 5 60 FDA
1001588 10 1200 6 60 FDA
1001523 5 1200 8 60 FDA
1001524 5 1200 10 60 FDA
1001525 5 1200 12 60 FDA
1006230 10 1200 1 60 GP
1001518 10 1200 2 60 GP
1001519 10 1200 3 60 GP
1001520 10 1200 4 60 GP
1001522 10 1200 6 60 GP

Additional Information

Colour Red
Material Silicone (VMQ)
Maximum Temperature (°C) 200
Minimum Temperature (°C) -70
Tensile Strength (MPa) 9
Elongation at break (%) 250