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Rubber O-Rings Silicone

Rubber O-Rings Silicone

Based in Saudi Arabia, we bring forth world-class Rubber O-Rings Silicone in ample specifications from the dependable sources, after extensive market research. The fabrication of these Rubber O-Rings Silicone using top-notch materials and technology make them capable of sealing any of the manufacturing or engineering project with ease. Get them from us at competitive prices and expect on-time delivery. Now, we also entertain international orders.


Description :

Silicone possess excellent resistance to temperature extremes. Silicone's retention of properties at high temperatures is superior to other elastic materials. Silicone has poor tensile strength, tear resistance and abrasion resistance.


Available with the following Approvals/Certifications. Please call for further information.


Temperature Range :

  • Up to 200oC (Intermittant)

  • Down to -60oC

Chemical resistance :

  • Dry heat

  • High - aniline point oils

  • Chlorinated DI - phenyls

  • Food processing applications

  • Excellent ozone resistance.

  • Water (Low temperature only)

Not compatible with :

  • Most Petroleum fluids

  • Ketones (MEK, Acetone)